Eradicate Cable Review: MGO


The amount of providers that provide streaming media options seems to grow every day. Before we have discussed Amazon Instantaneous Movie, also Netflix. Now we are going to be talking of a relatively new kid on the steaming media cube M GO.

Folks I talk with around how exactly to remove cable understand of my fondness to your Roku 3 and also if you have obtained my advice and have picked the awesomeness that is Roku 3 you may possibly have pointed out that MGO has come to be the Roku preferred provider for videos and television; scrolling throughout the main menu onto your own Roku 3 you will find it below”Films” and”TV” and listed with all your additional channels


MGO is the product of a partnership between Dreamworks Animation and Technicolor. Now I will admit that I really don’t know a lot for what company produces what series or film but I would imagine this will probably be considered a limiting factor in the future. That being said the selection appears pretty standard and focused on newer releases and currently running TV shows. I frankly didn’t find such a thing here that I was able ton’t get on Amazon primary or out of the red box, however, it was not a lousy decision always.

Closing Score: 3/5


One of the fantasies of men and women that decide to remove cable would be just a la carte pricing, that is being able to pick what you want and pay for just that. This may be the actual strength of M GO because there clearly was no recurring yearly subscription or fee cost it’s actually”see movie, rent/buy motion picture”. All that stated I found their picture prices for always a little on the other side with some titles as far as $5.99 to get a one day rental and of the 10 names I checked that the cheapest was 3.99 to get a 24 hour rentalso in this regard you fare far more economical with Amazon Prime or red box. Video episodes were somewhat more in line with industry standard at $1.99 for SD and $2.99 to get H-D to purchase per incident.

Last Score 2.5/5

Picture/Sound Good Quality:

Most if not all names can be found in HD and also look and sound great and played smoothly. I haven’t analyzed any SD titles but I think that it is absolutely safe to believe they truly are of conventional SD quality also.

Ultimate score 4/5


The further articles choices out there to those who opt to get reduce cable the better and MGO presents the following good alternative for cable cutters to flow their favorite names. The simple fact there is not any devotion into a month-to-month subscription also it effortlessly integrates with all the Roku 3 make MGO deserving to own added to your program set but the cost point and marginally more compact selection keep it from industry and being pioneer for the moment. For the writing 12 17 2013 they’re offering two free leases therefore I urge everybody at least take advantage and watch for themselves.

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