Protect Yourself by Learning How to Buy Scrap Gold, Silver, and Platinum

Ever since Cash 4 Gold aired their commercial thousands of times on national TV there has been a gold craze. Millions of people are selling their broken, or unwanted jewelry to practically anyone who is willing to buy it. Depending on who they sell their gold to they will get anywhere from 15-75% for their gold. Since refiners pay about 95% for gold, you can see that even those paying 75% will still make an easy 20% on the gold they buy.

Learning how to buy scrap gold, silver, and platinum is a skill that you can carry with you the rest of your life. Whether you want to become a scrap gold buyer or you just want to know how much your jewelry is worth before you sell it to a gold buyer; it’s valuable knowledge to acquire. As of today you may just have a few pieces you want to sell, so you learn how to test them and calculate their value before you sell them. This could prevent you from getting ripped of from those who only pay 15% of the value of your gold. Maybe in a couple years you fall into hard times and need to make some extra money. If you know how to buy gold, silver, and platinum jewelry you could easily make the extra hundreds or thousands you need to survive. By learning this valuable skill you are protecting yourself now and in the future.

Some might be thinking this craze will die out and it’s not worth learning about. Although, the craze may slow down the knowledge will remain valuable. I have met several people who learned how to buy scrap gold in the 1980’s when it spiked, stop for a while and are now buying more than ever before. There will come another era in your life when you could be on the leading edge of the boom and profit more than ever. Even if you are not interested in getting started now you should be interested in taking just a couple days to learn how to test gold, silver, and platinum, how to calculates its value, and who to sell it to.

Before your friends scrap any of their jewelry you can go through it and let them know what a fair price would be, or you could buy. The opportunities and options are limitless; so take the time to learn this skill from someone who has mastered it. It will be tough to find but look for a place that provides additional personal support on how to buy scrap gold, silver, and platinum to answer any additional questions you might have. Good luck and get going there is tons of jewelry out there waiting to be bought by people like you!

When gold started rising several years ago a young entrepreneur saw an opportunity he couldn’t pass. Matt Wallace has been in the jewelry industry and buying gold for half a decade, becoming an expert in his field. He has partnered with individuals who have been gold buying for over 40 years and is now teaching others how they can change their life and free up their time by becoming a gold buyer.

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