Olympic Facts – 2008 Olympic Football Tournament


Great Britain did not qualify for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. She won three Olympic titles: Paris 1900, London 1908 and Stockholm 1912. In 2012, Great Britain will play the organizer of the Olympic Games.

Brazil’s Olympic football team will go to Beijing looking for the first gold medal. This team will undoubtedly be the nucleus of the nation’s 2014 FIFA World Cup ™. Brazil 19, Berlin 1936, London 1948, Melbourne 1956, Moscow 1980, Barcelona 1992, Athens 2004 .

From 1952 to 2004, Hungary won five Olympic medals, including 3 gold medals. She has more gold medals than Brazil (3), Argentina (3) and Nigeria (1) บ้านผลบอล.

The Honduran National Men’s Team will travel to Beijing for the Olympic Games. Honduras will first appear in the People’s Republic of China. Tegucigalpa does not have full diplomatic relations with Beijing. Honduras won the CONCACAF 2008 Olympic Qualifiers in Nashville, Tennessee (USA). This Central American country surprised the world by winning …

Belgium has played well-known footballers: Wilfried van Muir, Raul Lambert, Rudy Smits, Mark Amers, Danny Boven, Mark Degrees and Mark Wilmette. In 1920, Belgium won the Olympic title.

Côte d’Ivoire, also known as the Ivory Coast, qualified for the 2008 Olympic Games. This African team represents Africa at the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany. It is one of the best teams in Africa. “We are one of the few African countries that have a regular youth league, the big players have always come out of Ivory Coast, I think of Laurent Boko in the 1970s, and Yeosu Fofana in the 1980s, but now the infrastructure of football. For Côte d’Ivoire) that it is much better and that many young people are getting the right training. Ivory Coast won the African Cup of Nations in 1992.

Argentina has well-known coaches: Cesar Luis Menotti, Carlos Salvador Bellardo, Daniel Basarella, Ramon Diaz, Jose Peterman, Marcelo Bielsa …

The Serbian national men’s team will travel to Beijing at the first Olympic Games. Football is the most popular sport in Serbia (formerly Serbia and Montenegro).

Mexico has not qualified for the 2008 Olympic Games. Competed in the Olympic Football Tournament 8 times: London 1948, Tokyo 1964, Mexico City 1968, Munich 1972, Montreal 1976, Barcelona 1992, Atlanta 1996, Athens 2004.

The People’s Republic of China first appeared at the 1988 Summer Olympic Games in South Korea …

Argentina – FIFA in 1978 World Champion and World Junior Championships – boycotted the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow. She won the South American championship football championship. Argentina was replaced by Venezuela.

Italians are the best hope in Europe to reach the finals. Italy won the gold medal at the 1936 Summer Olympic Games in Berlin. This European country is known for its great traditions of football.

Brazil will host its football teams (women and men) in Beijing 2008.

South Korea will in China to participate in the Olympic Games. Competed in the Olympic Football Tournament 7 times.

Nigeria is one of the favorites to win the Men’s Olympic Football League. The national team won the gold medal at the Centennial Olympics in Atlanta, USA. Nigeria beat Argentina 3-2 and won the Olympic title for the first time. This African country received an invitation to play in the Olympics in 1980 in Moscow (USSR / Russia currently). Sunny Ephraim (a journalist from Lagos) says: “Qualifying for the Games is one thing. It is a good one and won the gold medal as we saw in Atlanta. The United States 11 years ago is a completely different ball game.

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